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Astro Tourism

Astro Tourism

Eliye Springs Resort is only 305,27’  North of the Equator. Unlike most places in the world around the Equator, Eliye has usually crystal clear nights with no light- or air- pollution. A perfect location to study the Northern- as well as the Southern star-sky. 

Due to our optimal conditions, our eyes can see up  to 6000 stars, 3000 on each Hemisphere. Compared to middle Europe with a maximum of 500-1000. Eliye Springs Resort on Lake Turkana is therefore an ideal place for Astro Tourism. For full excitement a Telescope however is a must.


For example: A 3 night package from and to Nairobi

Day 1: Flight Nairobi – Lodwar, Transfer Lodwar Eliye Springs Resort. You spend the day to your own pleasure…and prepare your equipment for the night.

Day 2: Boats-ride to Central Island NP to spend the night on the Island. Only you and the planets/the stars, in the middle of the biggest Desert Lake in the world!

Day 3: Back to Eliye Springs Resort for another exciting day and night.

Day 4: Transfer back to Lodwar and flight to Nairobi.


Prices per person (based on 4 pax) : Non Residents US$ 550 / Resident  KSh 51’000

Additional nights US$ 85 / KSh 8200

Prices include flights, transfers, KWS fees, accommodation (rooms in Eliye, tents in Central Island), full board.

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