Eliye Springs Resort

Tourism for Peace and Culture

Tourism for Peace and Culture

The County of Turkana experiences some challenges concerning peace around its borders, which has a negative impact on Tourism. At Eliye Springs Resort we believe, that tourism is by definition a peace-building industry because it connects people from all sorts of life and origins. On top visitors in our days are much interested in the surrounding Culture.


As such Eliye Springs Resort steps above being a hotel only, instead, it presents regular Cultural Shows addressing Peace- and other Cultural aspects. Whoever is interested in partnering with this movement don't hesitate to get in touch with Rolf, 0700-003546. 

From the last play (23rd September 2023) we produced a film available through the same number. It can be used for any peace-building activities and meetings. For more details please contact Rolf.

Besides that Eliye Springs Resort is under Rolf an ideal training center for multicultural events.


Pictures below are from the peace shows from 2022 and 2023, from cohesion training including refugees from Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Uganda, and the total upgrade of the lodge under "work for peace", with workers from Pokot and Turkana.

Tourism for Peace and Culture Gallery